Fête des Lumières - Lyon (F) | 06.12.2007 - 09.12.2007

A luminous creation which evolves over the four evenings of the Fête des Lumières. On the central lawn of the Place Antonin Poncet, flowers of light swing in the wind. In this garden, mysterious characters, all dressed in white, move slowly around. These are planters, lightmakers, who arrange 500 flowers each night. By the end of the fourth evening, 4’000 flowers illuminate the Place. They are then handed out to the public.
Each flower contains a rechargeable battery which provides the lamp with an autonomy of about 5 days. However, a slight difference of intensity will appear between the first flowers, planted on the Thursday evening, and those arranged over the following days.
Just as in nature: plants flower, bloom, and eventually fade away.
4’000 luminous flowers, a lawn of 1000m2, 6 planters.