Upon completing her studies in Literature at the University of Lausanne (1989-96), Sophie Guyot took up visual art in self-taught fashion. Light(ing) has proved to be her favorite material. Her approach has a down-to-earth poetic slant to it, and it is concrete factors —her contact with a material, her relationship with the site to be addressed—that give rise to both her desire and design.
By contrast to other that have explored light as an artistic medium, Sophie Guyot’s approach to light relates to humanity at an earlier, and humbler, stage. Whether in large-scale projects or more modestly sized ones, her work bespeaks a flawless relationship between humans and their biotope. It is akin to a conspiratorial wink at nature, spinning a metaphor on the human condition.
Born in Morges (Switzerland) on January 22, 1970. Lives and works in Lausanne.

Sophie Guyot – Av. de Tivoli 19bis – 1007 Lausanne
+ 41 (0)76/ 381 70 32 sophie[at]


Stellenbosch/ Afrique du Sud, Spier Light Art – The Meaning of Meaning, installation
Regensburg/ DE, Re.Light Festival – The Stardust Memory Project, urban installation
Toulouse/ F, Traverses Festival – dancing with kaoru and my-other-self, video-installation
Lausanne/ CH, Printemps de la Poésie, Espace Amaretto – Maisonnette des Morts, performance by Francesco Biamonte
Lausanne/ CH, Haute Ecole Pédagogique – Mots – Wörter – Parole, installation
Bourg-en-Bresse/ FR, ZOA – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Bologna/ IT, Bologna in Lettere (Arte-fatti contemporanei), – dancing with kaoru and my-other-self, video

Genève/ CH, Théâtre de la Comédie – 3 luminous sculptures in the foyer of the theatre
Carouge GE/ CH, Rue Saint-Joseph – Les Nébuleuses, installation
Ljubljana/ SLO, Svetlobna Gverila – The Meaning of Meaning, installation
Nakanojo/ JP, Nakanojo biennale – dancing with kaoru and my-other-self, video-installation
Tokyo/ JP, Haremame (Shibuya) – Kizuna – performance
Lausanne/ CH, Ecole primaire des Plaines du Loup – Wunderbaum, installation pérenne

Lausanne/ CH, Toussaint’s festival – One More Dance, video-installation
Brixen/IT, Waterlight Festival – La Maison Flux, installation
Porto/PT, Serralves Foundation – La Maison Flux, installation

Vevey/CH, Théâtre de l’Oriental – Sans titre, show by Anne-Cécile Moser
Lausanne/ CH, Toussaint’s Festival – One More Dance, solo show
Mitrovica/Kosovo, – The Stardust Memory Project, urban installation
Chavannes-Renens/CH, Salle Perrier – ARCHISALÉ III, solo show
Lausanne/CH, Opération Artistes d’ici – One More Dance, street painting on advertising support

Ekaterinenburg/RU, Undark – La Maison Flux, installation
Oulu/FI, Lumo – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Graz/AT, Klanglicht – H-U-M-A-N-?, installation

Skopje/MK, Light Art District – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Genève, /CH, Festival Mos Espa, Motel Campo – Deathpicable me, installation
Ulan-Bator & Murun Sum/ MNG, Land Art Mongolia – Tsogio? – Canter? – Galop?, installation
Genève/ CH, Halle Nord, Union TMF 24/7 – In Trust I Trust, performance

Port-au-Prince/ HT, 5th Ghetto biennale – Publis’haïti, installation
Bernex/ CH, Le petit salon des délits, installation
Odessa/ UKR, 5th Odessa biennale of contemporary art – H-U-M-A-N-?, installation
Chicago/ US, Elmhurst art museum – Sense of Place, ÜBERGRAD, collective exhibition
La Chaux-de-Fonds/ CH, le Quartier Général – ARCHISALÉ II, solo exhibition

Côme/ IT, 8202 Festival – H-U-M-A-N-?, installation
Ferney-Voltaire/ F, Festival Voltaire – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Lausanne/ CH, Flon Art – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Bulle/ CH, Musée gruérien – ARCHISALÉ, solo exhibition

Genève/ CH, Geneva Lux Festival – NEPENTHÈS, installation
Cascais/ PT, Lumina Festival – La Maison Flux and [3milleLUCES], installation
Sharjah/ EAU, Sharjah Light Festival – majaz waterfront park, installation

Ljubljana/ SLO, Svetlobna Gverila – Svetlobni Dom, installation
Lausanne/ CH, espace abstract – Technical Grounding, exhibition duo with POL
Copenhague/ DK, Dansehallerne – ON/VOLT, collaboration with Recoil Performance Group
Sharjah/ EAU, Sharjah Light Festival – Kuwait Square, installation

Lausanne/ CH, espace abstract – ÜBERGRAD, solo exhibition
Lausann/ CH, Théâtre Arsenic – ÜBERFLUX, perennial outdoor installation
Mitrovica/ Nord Kosovo, M-I-T-R-O-? – Temporary installation on the city walls

Braunschweig/ DE, experiment: STADTRAUM – La Maison Flux, installation
Sierre/ CH, Théâtre les Halles – Installation perennial installation in the theater foyer
Lyon/ F, Fondation Bullukian – [45xVIVANTS], installation

Nyon/ CH, Installation in the bay of Nyon, solo
Brussels/ BE, Nuit Blanche – [45xVIVANTS], installation
Lausanne/ CH, Nuit des Musées – [45xVIVANTS], solo exhibition
Belgrade/ RS, Belgrade of Light – Into The Blu, installation
Neuchâtel/ CH, Millénaire – installation
Ljubljana/ SLO, Svetlobna Gverila – Into The Blu, installation
Gand/ BE, Lichtfestival – [3milleLUCES], installation

Bruxelles/ BE, Nuit Blanche – G-R-E-E-N- ?, performance
Lausanne/ CH, Festival de la Cité – La Cour, installation
Bilbao/ SP, Noche Blanca – Into The Blu, installation

Lyon/ F, Fête des Lumières – Into The Blu, installation
Bruxelles/ BE, Nuit Blanche – Into The Blu, installation
Poitiers/ F, Parc du Futuroscope – Les Amibes, installation

Genève/ CH, Festival Arbres et Lumières – Cocoon, installation

Lyon/ F, Fête des Lumières – Efflorescences, installation


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