In Trust I Trust

Halle Nord, Geneva (CH) | 09.06.2018 - 09.06.2018

Performance presented in the framework of UNION TMF 24/7
Halle Nord, Geneva from 07.06 – 23.06.18
At the request of Elena Montesinos, winner of the Act-Art 2018 competition, a hundred artists are invited by her to mix their work but especially their presence in this exhibition / event. They thus revisit each in their own way the foundations of the Montesinos Foundation, working in unison to produce a wide range of proposals around the theme of money and power, favorite subjects of Elena’s work.

A grimacing fiancée mimes a choreography that gives birth to a luminous symbol, a sparkling cabalistic sign that looks like a dollar sign, doomed to an ineluctable final decay.

video link here