One More Dance

Toussaint's Festival, Lausanne (CH) | 03.11.2022 - 05.11.2022

Projected on four giant screens, this immersive video installation plunges the spectator into the center of a macabre dance: a procession of grimacing skeletons and human characters that parade in a farandole that is both joyful and disturbing.
To accompany these images, a soundtrack has been specially created by musician Sara Oswald and sound engineer Bertrand Siffert.
This installation is part of a vast work around the danse macabre and the representations of death in Western culture. This work, which I began following a stay in Haiti and an artistic collaboration with a collective of young artists from Port-au-Prince in December 2017, explores our mortal condition through different media, weaving together times and cultures, while very often using humor or derision.