Ghetto biennale: Publis’Haïti

Port-au-Prince (HT) | 11.12.2017 - 18.12.2017

5ème Ghetto biennale: The ‘Publis’Haïti’ (pəˈblisˈhātē) project is proposing to connect five cultural production centres in the city of Port-au-Prince with illuminated signs that communicate with and echo each other in the form of five words written in red LED lights and mounted on façades. The installation works like an advertisement that, rather than being used in a traditional way, is a promotion of art and poetry. Followed by a question mark, the words directly address passers-by and forge a connection with the public. Highly visible and all comprising LEDs of the same colour, the signs form a whole despite being scattered around various parts of the city.
ESPWA= hope   I  KILTI= culture   I  LANMOU= love
With Love Leonce, Evans Richelieu, Mario Pierre-Louis, Herold Pierre-Louis, Jean Muller Milord, Elisee Eliado Adolph Art, Polycarpe Shneider, Hugens Fils-Aimé.

Installation toblerone in “Paviyon Swis” – in the company of Elena Montesinos, Fabien Clerc, Frederic Post, Tom Bogaert

This project was supported by the Ville de Lausanne/Fonds des Arts Plastiques and a crowd-funding.