Théâtre Arsenic - Lausanne (CH) | 20.09.2013

The project proposes to press on the envelope of the new Arsenic building (renovated by architect Pont12) a light print evoking a road marking. The theatrer is a space in the heart of the city, significant meeting place of young people, theater Arsenic is distinguished by its urban roots, that are underscored by this persistent light dotted line.
As a path emerging from below the road north of Geneva, it blends onto the walls of the new theater to emphasize the contours and materials in their layers and then dive under the hill of Tivoli south side.
This absolute integration of the new architecture of the place also recalls the old frames, the supporting pillars of the existing industrial space and light highlighted by this artery.
More than illuminate the building, it will give it a signature, a recognition element.
This project is supported by the Fonds des Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Lausanne and the Fonds communal pour l’efficacité énergétique – FEE.